Welcome To Az IV Vitality

by | Jul 16, 2021

Welcome to Az IV Vitality! Not only are we extremely excited to be getting our business up and running, but were are excited to bring affordable anti-aging and regenerative medicine treatments to the Phoenix valley.

So who are we and why are we here? Az IV Vitality is owned and operated by Melynda and Langdon Fenn. Melynda is a board-certified Nurse Practitioner with exceptional experience in many areas of medicine. As an RN, she worked in several of the healthcare systems in the valley as a resource nurse working in facilities with staffing needs. While she did work on inpatient cardiac floors in the hospital setting, her primary role was as an Emergency Department nurse. She not only cared for adults but was also trauma certified and pediatric trauma certified as well as working in triage and the behavioral health crisis intake departments of the Emergency Department. Her experiences here provided outstanding IV starting skills which she brings to our patients today in need of IV infusions and treatments.

During Melynda’s clinical rotations during her nurse practitioner education, she was able to work with physicians in the area with a passion for increasing patients’ quality of life. It was these educators and mentors that planted the seed for what is now Az IV Vitality. Seeing patients improve in their health, not only physically but mentally, was rewarding and what Melynda hopes to provide in all her patients going forward. Furthering that education, Melynda continues to seek out educational opportunities and attends national medical conferences which address the latest information in health management and anti-aging treatments.

Shortly after completing her Nurse Practitioner program and achieving board certification, Melynda had the opportunity to work with a company focused on Regenerative Medicine and treatments. With this position, Melynda traveled to many states in the Western US and has injected hundreds of patients with diverse medical histories and complaints. She is currently still licensed in six states and is a premier injector in the Western US frequently employed as a trainer for well-established and notable clinics initiating Regenerative Medicine treatments in their practices.

Melynda’s experiences with Regenerative Medicine have fully fueled her passion and convictions in bringing these treatments to members of her community. The improvements and benefits experienced by her patients motivated her to bring these treatments options to as many as she is able. While there are other companies that can offer the same treatment, Az IV Vitality has done considerable research and is extremely particular about the products used and will only partner with labs that are FDA compliant and are as passionate about patient safety as Melynda is. Additionally, it is our hope that we will be offering the treatments at more reasonable prices thus bringing healing, pain relief, and renewed quality of life to more people in our area!

Regenerative medicine treatments may be a primary passion of Az IV Vitality, but we also know there are many other aspects of quality of life that can be impacted by alternative, or less used, means of treatment. We aim to treat the whole patient which is why we also provide hormone replacement therapies, weight loss options, and a large variety of IV treatments to meet each patient’s individualized needs and goals may those be relief from illness, increased energy, or improved athletic improvement.

Langdon is the backbone behind the scenes providing support, encouragement, and marketing. As a partnership, Az IV Vitality is thrilled to be in a position where we are able to bring improved health and wellness to our friends, family, and community.

We look forward to seeing you soon!