Semaglutide!!! A game-changing weight loss medication.

by | Nov 3, 2021

Medical Weight Loss Center Glendale AZIt is no surprise to anyone that we are all living in unprecedented times and changes in our lifestyles that have affected more areas than one. Among other things, the pandemic has turned our lives upside down in our daily routines which has led to changes in our diets, activity levels, sleep habits, and weight changes. Unfortunately, obesity and obesity-related diseases were already a concern in our country even before COVID-19 changed the way we live day to day.

Traditionally, there have been only a few reliable options for weight loss medications. Fortunately, there is now a new weight loss medication that has been producing “jaw-dropping” results in clinical trials…it’s semaglutide!

Semaglutide is an injectable drug that had already been approved for use by the FDA as a Type 2 Diabetes treatment. During use, it was noted that patients were losing weight which prompted additional trials with higher doses. The results of those trials were impressive leading professionals in the arena to make comments such as, “We have not seen this degree of weight loss with any previous medication.” It was also noted to have significant beneficial effects on patients in addition to weight loss including potentially preventing and treating diabetes, cardiovascular disease and related complications, osteoarthritis, and sleep apnea. Ultimately, patients who were taking semaglutide were not only losing weight, but additionally improving their health.

Many people may be more familiar with this medication by some of it’s brand names like Ozempic (O O O Ozempic!) or Wegovy, but regardless of the name you know it by it is effective. Semaglutide is the first once a week medication in its specific drug class that has been FDA approved to assist with weight loss and chronic weight management. The largest clinical trial using semaglutide resulted in an average of 12.4% more body weight loss than those who did not use the medication.

As mentioned, semaglutide is a once a week injection. It is a GLP-1 medication (glucagon-like peptide-1 agonist) that plays a role in your appetite and digestion. More simply, semaglutide assists in releasing hormones in your small intestine after you eat that trigger insulin and blocks other sources of sugar. It also slows down how fast food leaves your stomach. Both of these actions make you feel full which results in lowering your appetite and ultimately causing weight loss.

While this medication was originally intended to treat patients with diabetes, it has shown to be incredibly effective and safe in patients who do not have diabetes while maintaining its effective and dramatic weight loss properties.

At Az IV Vitality, we are thrilled to be able to provide this powerful and effective weight loss medication. If you are interested, please call or text to schedule an appointment or you can book an appointment online and we would be happy to discuss your options and see if you are a candidate for this therapy in a free consultation. We look forward to hearing from you!