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Intravenous Therapy Glendale AZ

IV Therapy

Your body is approximately 60% water and its cells, tissues, organs, and bodily functions rely on water to maintain function. When our bodies are dehydrated, it becomes harder for them to perform as well as they should. Intravenous (IV) therapy is the fastest and most effective way to give your body the nutrition it needs as the nutrients are able to bypass the digestive system as they go right into your bloodstream providing faster and more effective results. IV therapy is a medical technique used to deliver needed fluids, medications, or nutrients directly into a person’s circulatory system and allowing for quick distribution. IV therapy is dispensed through an intravenous catheter either through a syringe or an infusion, also referred to as an IV “drip.”

While IV therapy is used for lifesaving treatments, it is also used to improve physical wellness and some aspects of emotional wellness by providing the vitamins and nutrients your body needs to maintain normal function. Sometimes, the demands of daily life make ingesting an adequate amount of these essential nutrients difficult. Additionally, some people have impaired absorption that negatively impacts their ability to convert nutrients into energy necessary for proper cell function.

There are many known benefits to IV therapy… INSTANT HYDRATION

IV Therapy is the most efficient way to provide our bodies with optimal hydration which can support organ functions and can prevent some medical issues like kidney stones and constipation.


You won’t spend a lot of time getting treatment with AZ IV Vitality. Most therapies can be completed in under an hour in a comfortable and relaxed environment.


IV Therapies can help with fatigue, anxiety, depression, mental clarity, and tiredness related to illness.


Some medical issues or medications can interfere with our body’s ability to absorb necessary nutrients. With IV Therapy, vitamins are quickly absorbed into the bloodstream bypassing the GI system and allowing your body to use them immediately.


We have IV drips ideal for professional as well as amateur athletes that provide fast and effective hydration, reduce recovery time, and support muscle recovery.

IV Vitamin Therapy Glendale AZ


Not only is staying hydrated a great way to prevent a hangover, but IV therapies can relieve the unpleasant symptoms as well. Alcohol is a diuretic that depletes the body of hydration and nutrients. Getting an infusion with electrolytes, vitamins, anti-inflammatory, and anti-nausea medications can relieve your symptoms quickly.


Az IV Vitality has several IV therapies available to meet your nutritional needs. Additionally, individualized treatments can be prepared to meet whatever needs each patient may have.


Regular IV therapy can help prevent the development of chronic conditions like respiratory illnesses or migraines and can provide antioxidants our bodies need to fight off premature signs of aging and flush harmful toxins out of our bodies more effectively and efficiently.


Specially formulated IV Treatments can supercharge your immune system helping you fight off the cold, flu, and viral illnesses.

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