Frequently Asked Questions

Are any discounts available?

Yes! We offer LEO discounts on all our services all the time. We also offer discounts for all clients of Monogram Salon Suites and discounts on services received on the same day as another Monogram Salon Suite service.

Do you have memberships?

We do! We have IV memberships for those wanting to maintain health and wellness with regular IV treatments. Memberships include discounts on all other services provided at AZ IV Vitality including one regenerative medicine treatment.

How much time does an IV take?

Most IVs can be completed in an hour or less. Time may be faster or slower depending on what IV is wanted and how much total volume is to be infused. NAD+ infusions do take longer, usually a minimum of 2 hours for those new to NAD+, and can be longer depending on how well the patient feels during the infusion. Please plan accordingly as speeding up the infusion may not be an option.

Do you do any mobile services?

Yes…and no :-). Routine IVs and treatments are performed at the AZ IV Vitality location. Parties of 4 or more can have the option to have their treatments at their location and discounts may apply. Call for details or questions.

Is it possible to make appointments other than what I can see online?

It is definitely possible! Some appointments can be double-booked. Additionally, appointment times outside of normal business hours are possible. Call or text for appointment availability outside of normal business hours.

How many people can get an IV at one time?

At this time, 3 people are able to receive infusions simultaneously at our location.

I’m getting service at Monogram Salon Suites already. Is there a way I can get an IV during my other service?

Getting an IV during another service can always an option as long as the business providing your other service is ok with it. IV will be placed while you are in their suite and a portable IV pole will be provided. Our cell phone number will be provided for you to text or call as soon as your IV is completed. Additionally, all services are discounted if you are receiving service at any other Monogram Salon Suite business on the same day. Ask about getting a B-12 shot or Skinny Shot on your way out!

How much volume will I get in my IV?

All IVs are in a base of 1000 ml of normal saline or lactated ringers unless otherwise discussed or requested. 500 ml bags are available.

Will getting an IV hurt?

Getting an IV is not generally painful and can be completely painless! Usually, there is a little pinch felt when IV is being placed, but topical numbing spray or creams are available if needed.

Why do you use Xeomin and not Botox or Dysport?

While we have no aversions to using the other products, we have had great experiences and patient satisfaction with the Xeomin and love that it does not contain unnecessary proteins and additives that the other products contain. Xeomin generally has the same length of duration and dosing is the same as Botox while the price can be lower.

Will you treat minors?

We are able to treat children over the age of 12 and over 100 pounds. Health assessments will be completed prior to services to evaluate for treatment. Only IV treatments are available to minors at this time.

Can you treat patients who are pregnant or breastfeeding?

Most IV therapies would be safe for those pregnant or breastfeeding. For all other treatments, we would request that you wait until you are no longer pregnant or breastfeeding.

What insurances do you take?

Unfortunately, at this time we are not accepting insurance. All services are cash-based services and are payable by VISA, Mastercard, American Express, Discover, Venmo, check, or cash. HSA cards may be used depending on the plan. Ask for more details.

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