General Questions:

Do you have memberships?

We do! We have IV memberships for those wanting to maintain health and wellness with regular IV treatments. Memberships include discounts on all other services provided at AZ IV Vitality including one regenerative medicine treatment.

Are any discounts available?

Yes! We offer LEO discounts on all our services all the time. We also offer discounts for all clients of Monogram Salon Suites and discounts on services received on the same day as another Monogram Salon Suite service.

Do you do any mobile services?

Yes…and no :-). Routine IVs and treatments are performed at the AZ IV Vitality location. Parties of 4 or more can have the option to have their treatments at their location and discounts may apply. Call for details or questions.

Is it possible to make appointments other than what I can see online?

It is definitely possible! Some appointments can be double-booked. Additionally, appointment times outside of normal business hours are possible. Call or text for appointment availability outside of normal business hours.

Why do you use Xeomin and not Botox or Dysport?

While we have no aversions to using the other products, we have had great experiences and patient satisfaction with the Xeomin and love that it does not contain unnecessary proteins and additives that the other products contain. Xeomin generally has the same length of duration and dosing is the same as Botox while the price can be lower.

Will you treat minors?

We are able to treat children over the age of 12 and over 100 pounds. Health assessments will be completed prior to services to evaluate for treatment. Only IV treatments are available to minors at this time.

Can you treat patients who are pregnant or breastfeeding?

Most IV therapies would be safe for those pregnant or breastfeeding. For all other treatments, we would request that you wait until you are no longer pregnant or breastfeeding.

What insurances do you take?

Unfortunately, at this time we are not accepting insurance. All services are cash-based services and are payable by VISA, Mastercard, American Express, Discover, Venmo, check, or cash. HSA cards may be used depending on the plan. Ask for more details.


How much time does an IV take?

Most IVs can be completed in an hour or less. Time may be faster or slower depending on what IV is wanted and how much total volume is to be infused. NAD+ infusions do take longer, usually a minimum of 2 hours for those new to NAD+, and can be longer depending on how well the patient feels during the infusion. Please plan accordingly as speeding up the infusion may not be an option.

How many people can get an IV at one time?

At this time, 3 people are able to receive infusions simultaneously at our location.

I’m getting service at Monogram Salon Suites already. Is there a way I can get an IV during my other service?

Getting an IV during another service can always an option as long as the business providing your other service is ok with it. IV will be placed while you are in their suite and a portable IV pole will be provided. Our cell phone number will be provided for you to text or call as soon as your IV is completed. Additionally, all services are discounted if you are receiving service at any other Monogram Salon Suite business on the same day. Ask about getting a B-12 shot or Skinny Shot on your way out!

Is IV therapy safe?
While there are some inherent risks with all procedures, the expertise and knowledge of our providers does everything possible to lessen if not eliminate those risks. With that said, IV therapy is a very safe way to provide and administer vitamins or minerals to those lacking in them as well as to hydrate those in need quickly and effectively.
What IV therapy would be good for skin health?
There are different vitamins to benefit different areas of our health and IV therapies can improve the health, appearance, and strength of your skin. Our Revive blend is specially designed for skin health! It includes B-complex which can contribute to the overall appearance and health and improve the strength in your hair, skin and nails. Our blend also includes biotin which is well known for skin, hair, and nail health and glutathione, a powerful antioxidant, that removes free radicals which can contribute to dull looking skin.
Can IV therapy make you tired?
IV therapies are know to help fatigue, boost immunity, improve skin and provide other health benefits, but occasionally a patient may feel more tired after the infusion. This post-infusion tiredness is usually short-lived, but actually is a good thing! As a simplified explanation, the infusions are working to help detox the body. As the infusion is detoxing your cells, the toxins in your cells are released leaving your cells “cleaner” and those toxins are being removed from your body and can make you feel a little tired in that process.
How much volume will I get in my IV?

All IVs are in a base of 1000 ml of normal saline or lactated ringers unless otherwise discussed or requested. 500 ml bags are available.

Will getting an IV hurt?

Getting an IV is not generally painful and can be completely painless! Usually, there is a little pinch felt when IV is being placed, but topical numbing spray or creams are available if needed.

What IV therapy is helpful with COVID?

COVID has definitely caused a drastic and dramatic impact on our world and in our own communities. Many who become infected with COVID may suffer difficult symptoms and lasting side effects. Even those with minor cases can leave you feeling extremely tired, sluggish, and unable to think clearly. Receiving IV treatments can help alleviate your symptoms and feel better faster. While we can customize any IV to each patient’s individual needs, our Restore blend is fantastic for COVID support and in boosting your immune system. It not only includes a full liter of fluid to combat likely dehydration, but our added vitamins and minerals can reduce inflammation, increase energy, improve immune function, and decrease viral replication.

How long does IV therapy stay in your system?

While there are several factors that may impact how long you may experience benefits from the treatment, generally you can expect to experience benefits such as improved concentration, increased energy, and elevated mood anywhere from 3-4 days all the way up to 2 weeks. 

Regenerative Therapies

What regenerative therapies do you offer?
Regenerative medicine is focused on developing and using various treatments to heal one’s body and improve function that we may lose due to agin, damage, or disease. At this time, Az IV Vitality provides PRP and Human Cellular Tissue Products or HCTP (previously frequently referred to as stem cell therapy). We are happy to answer any questions you may have about those treatments and if they can be beneficial to you.
What is “stem cell” treatment for knees?
The treatment we provide for knees is a minimally invasive procedure that allows us to introduce HCTP into your body to help your body heal and restore itself. The product is injected into the joint of injury which may include knees and can have the benefit of reduced inflammation, decreased pain, and improved function. Knee conditions that are often treated with these products include osteoarthritis, cartilage degenerative, and acute injuries such as torn ACL, MCL or meniscus.
Are “stem cell” therapies FDA approved?
HCTP products are FDA regulated, but not FDA approved. They are still considered experimental procedures and therefore we cannot guarantee outcome.
Does “stem cell” therapy really work?
While there is not an unanimous conclusion regarding the efficacy or benefit of HCTP injections or treatments, some studies have reported success rates of over 80%. With that said, these treatments are not suitable for all patients. Please schedule a consultation to review your history and see if you are a candidate for these treatments.
Is “stem cell” therapy safe?
While all procedures carry a risk, HCTP treatments are generally safe procedures. All patients are screened and assessed for suitability and our provider follows proper cell administration techniques and cleanliness protocols. Our experience and knowledge on the topic allows us to mitigate potential problems in every way possible.
Will insurance cover “stem cell” therapy?
Currently, these HCTP procedures are not covered by insurance.
What is PRP?
PRP is Platelet Rich Plasma and a treatment for various musculoskeletal injuries that uses your body’s own healing abilities. Platelets are a component of our blood and are responsible for helping our blood clot. Platelets also contain cytokines and growth factors that can help encourage healing and repair injuries.
How is PRP done?
PRP is obtained by starting with a blood draw from the patient that is done in office at the start of the appointment. The blood in then spun down in a centrifuge which separates the blood into layers. The layer that contacts the most platelets and is “platelet rich” is injected into the site of injury or area to be treated.
How does PRP work?
Studies have shown that the increased concentration of platelets and growth factors in PRP can speed up the healing process. The actual process by which PRP activates healing is quite complex, but made simply the PRP injections activate the healing abilities our bodies already have but increased many times over. Platelets also reduce the action of inflammation cells while also enhancing cellular growth. The included growth factors then stimulate and activate the healing of soft tissues and bone.
What do you use PRP for?
Research shows therapeutic potential in a myriad of orthopedic injuries and/or sports-related injuries. Some of the areas that can be treated by PRP are ligament injuries, plantar fasciitis, rotator cuff injuries, tendon injuries, tennis elbow, and jumper’s knee. One of the most common conditions PRP has been helpful in is osteoarthritis of joints and specifically knees. Additionally, PRP is also being used for aesthetic treatments. Ask us about our affiliate business that offers these treatments!
Is PRP covered by insurance?
At this time, PRP procedures are not covered by insurance.


What is NAD+?
NAD+ stands for nicotinamide adenine dinucleotide. It is an essential coenzyme that exists in every cell in our body and is responsible for the energy and the health of our cells. NAD+ ensures the proper function of our cells and is integral in protecting our bodies from aging and disease. Unfortunately, as we age NAD+ decreases which leads to cellular DNA damage and leads to age-related diseases.
What are the benefits of NAD+?
NAD+ levels are age-dependent and when that level decreases it can affect your metabolism, DNA, organ function, and overall health and well-being. NAD+ infusions are beneficial in that it bypasses your metabolism in your gut and your liver and can be absorbed directly into the cells. Increased NAD+ levels can protect the brain, provide ant-aging effects, improve muscle and exercise recovery, promote weight loss, combat depression, increase energy, improve cognition and mental clarity, and improve overall general wellness.
Can NAD+ help with COVID?
NAD+ has actually shown that it has anti-viral and anti-inflammatory effects as well as regulatory effects on immune responses. Additionally, viral infections, including coronavirus infections, can deplete our NAD+ stores. COVID is still a pandemic that is affecting our friends, families, and communities. Not only can IV infusions and NAD+ infusions help with the symptoms of COVID, NAD+ acts as a viral infection modulator. Decreased NAD+ levels due to age and comorbidities have been correlated with more severe forms of COVID. While the correlation between NAD+ depletion and consequences of COVID aren’t fully known or understood, several studies support increasing levels of NAD+ for prevention, mediation, symptom relief, decreased illness time, and long COVID recovery.
Is NAD+ good for weight loss?
NAD+ and metabolism are intertwined and we know that metabolism is a key factor in weight loss. Studies have shown that increased NAD+ levels correlate with an increased metabolism which translates to improved weight loss. Increased NAD+ levels also lead to improved endurance and muscle strength which will allow you to work out due to increased energy or work out more effectively. NAD+ also increases your BMR, or basal metabolic rate, which is the energy you burn at rest which in turn helps keep the weight you’ve lost off.


What does HRT stand for?
HRT stands for Hormone Replacement Therapy which is a treatment to help relieve the symptoms of menopause or replace hormones that are at a lower level.
What does TRT stand for?
TRT stands for Testosterone Replacement Therapy which is used to treat low testosterone levels.
Will TRT help me build muscle?
Testosterone is an important hormone that maintains several functions in men including fat distribution, bone density, sex drive, and muscle mass and strength. TRT will likely help with muscle building, but does need to be combined with exercise to achieve that desired outcome.
Will TRT help me lose weight?
Low levels of TRT can contribute to weight gain and difficulty losing weight due to its function in fat distribution and how much muscle mass you are able to build and maintain. Low testosterone can increase specifically stomach fat. Combined with exercise, TRT can produce significant weight loss in men with previously low levels of testosterone.
Is TRT safe?
While there can be risks with TRT and may not be a suitable option for all men, TRT exhibits many benefits in men’s health. When monitored by a medical provider and assessed accurately, TRT can produce many health benefits. Current research suggests that increased risks in cardiovascular health, prostate cancer, and erythrocytosis are lacking. With adequate assessments and medical management, TRT can produce many health benefits with minimal risks.
Can TRT help joint pain?
Joint pain can be common and especially with increased age. We also know that testosterone is correlated with risk of developing arthritis. TRT can help with joint pain caused by arthritis. As testosterone is used by the body to create bones, low testosterone can affect bone density as well as lead to stiffness and lack of mobility or flexibility. TRT can alleviate these symptoms in men with low testosterone levels.
Can TRT cause high blood pressure?
While testosterone alone likely does not increase one’s blood pressure, there are some potential secondary side effects that can. One of those is potentially increased estrogen levels. If your estrogen level gets too high, it can cause sodium retention which leads to fluid retention which can result in elevated blood pressure. In some people TRT can cause increased red blood cell production. When the concentration of red blood cells increases it can thicken the blood which may also cause an elevation in blood pressure. With adequate monitoring and management potential risks can be discussed and watched out for.

Weight loss:

What weight loss programs do you offer?
We aim to tailor each plan to the individual patient based on your goals, your history, and your starting point. Based on patient information and sometimes lab work an individualized weight loss plan will be designed to help you meet your goals.
What is semaglutide?
Semaglutide is a medication that is similar to a natural hormone called GLP-1 which is produced in the body after eating a meal. Semaglutide is used to treat diabetes and is now FDA approved to treat obesity and to be used for weight loss. While the weight loss effects of semaglutide are well known and appreciated, studies on semaglutide have also suggested that it is beneficial for the cardiovascular system including lowering blood pressure and reducing levels of fat in the body. Semaglutide has been called the “game changer” in weight loss options.
How does semaglutide work?
Semaglutide mimics GLP-1 which is a natural hormone that reduces appetite and stimulates the release of insulin but lasts longer than our natural hormone. As a result, the digestive process is delayed making you feel full longer. When you feel full, you snack and eat less. So with feeling full longer, lower blood sugars due to reduced sugar production in the liver, and stimulated insulin secretion help the patient to effectively lose weight.
Can semaglutide cause hypoglycemia?
Semaglutide alone does not cause low blood sugar. However, if it is combined with other medications that can lower your blood sugar.
How much weight can I lose with semaglutie?
In trials patients treated with semaglutide for obesity and weight loss lost on average more than 15% of their body weight.


What are peptides?
Peptides are short-chain amino acids which are building blocks for proteins. Benefits of peptides can include increasing muscle mass, decreasing body fat, boost collagen for skin health, improve melanin levels, reduce inflammation, speed healing, increase serotonin, and have antioxidant effects.
Do peptides increase testosterone?
While there are several different peptides that are available through Az IV Vitality, not all peptides have the same function and outcomes. Some peptides do act by stimulating your body’s own natural production and processing of HGH or human growth hormone. These peptides have effects including booting lean muscle mass, regulating body temperature and blood pressure, and can contribute to sexual function and bone production in part due to its regulation and increasing your own testosterone production.
Can peptides help you lose weight?
The short answer is YES! Peptide therapy is a common and effective way to speed up weight loss. Some peptides have even shown to cause 5-10% weight loss even without changes to diet or exercise although lifestyle changes are always beneficial to improved outcomes. There are actually several peptides that are effective in weight loss and the one that will be best for you will be discussed with the provider and tailored to your goals and needs.
What are the side effects of peptides?
For healthy individuals, peptides are unlikely to cause serious side effects as they are similar to peptides present in our bodies and foods. Used incorrectly, on the other hand, can come with serious side effects. Potential side effects may include itchiness or redness at injection area, increased water retention, increased hunger, weight gain or loss, or dry mouth.
How long can you take peptides?
Depending on the peptide, the treatment course will vary. While some peptides will take 3-6 months for a patient to achieve maximum benefit, the time on each peptide may vary per patient. A different peptide will likely be a great option to switch one and off with another to maintain health benefits and notable health improvements achieved with treatment.

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