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Repeated muscle contractions are one of the causes of wrinkles in the face. Providers use botulinum toxin injections, such as Xeomin, to cosmetically improve appearance. These cosmetic injections work by temporarily blocking the nerve signals to the muscles which result in the injected muscles not contracting. This can result in smoothing in the overlying skin and reducing wrinkles. These types of injections are FDA approved to treat frown lines, crow’s feet, and forehead wrinkles. They offer predictable results, have few adverse effects, and there is overall high patient satisfaction with the outcomes.

There are a few different brands of botulinum toxins used as cosmetic injections, the most well-known being Botox. At AZ IV Vitality, we use Xeomin which is the same toxin as Botox, but without the same preservatives and additives and is a purified form of the toxin. It is often referred to as the “naked Botox” providing the same desirable results without the added, unnecessary proteins present in other products. With repeated injections with Botox, the included proteins ultimately lead to desensitization and probable decreased effect of the product. With Xeomin, as those proteins are not present, desensitization does not occur and the effectiveness is unaffected regardless of the length of use.

These types of injections can also treat other health problems such as migraines and hyperhidrosis. Axillary hyperhidrosis is excessive underarm sweating that affects approximately 3% of the population. It often starts in childhood or adolescence, but adult onset is possible. Those that suffer from hyperhidrosis, know that the impact of the condition is considerable and can affect work, social situations, and cause psychological distress dramatically affecting one’s quality of life. Those with axillary hyperhidrosis often have excessive sweating on other areas of the body such as the palms of the hands or bottoms of the feet. When other treatments have failed, botulinum toxin injections are indicated and are effective in 95% of cases. At Az IV Vitality, we use Xeomin, the “naked Botox”, to treat hyperhidrosis. Studies have shown that Xeomin can be used safely and effectively for the treatment of hyperhidrosis. Treatment takes less than 10 minutes and can last 4-7 months with the longest reported at 9 months of effectiveness.
Xeomin Treatment Glendale AZ

Post-procedure instructions and potential risks are similar to other comparable treatments and will be thoroughly reviewed and discussed at your consultation appointment. Schedule a consultation to discuss treatment options and see if Xeomin injections are right for you.

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